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Immigration Law

Deportation Cases

Susana Silva represents immigrants in removal proceedings before U.S. Immigration Courts throughout the United States. Immigrants facing deportation in Immigration Court do not have a right to a government-appointed lawyer. Immigrants that don’t hire a lawyer are forced to represent themselves in Court. Legal representation can be a key factor in winning in Immigration Court. Susana Silva will stand by your side throughout your removal proceedings and aggressively fight for you every step of the way. Our team has gained a reputation for handling complicated cases.




Naturalization is the final step in the immigration process. Living on the border many Legal Permanent Resident have friends and family living in Mexico. Despite being able to travel abroad, residents are afraid to go out of the country, they are afraid they won’t be allowed back into the country. Applying for Naturalization and becoming a naturalized United States citizen can give you peace of mind to travel without worry.

A person holding a green card for 5 years (3 years if married to a U.S. citizen) may qualify to become a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Attorney Susana Silva stands ready to help you through this life-changing process.



Residential Card Renewal

Having a Green Card (officially known as a Permanent Resident Card) allows you to live and work permanently in the United States. The steps you must take to apply for a Green Card will vary depending on your individual situation.




We can help you apply for different types of nonimmigrant visas for tourists, students, business travelers, and future spouses. Also, find information about the Visa Waiver Program, and how to get a job in the United States as a foreign worker.




Attorney Susana Silva has represented immigrants from all over the world seeking asylum in the United States. Asylum is granted to immigrants who are able to prove that they are unable or unwilling to return to their home country because of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, particular social group, or political opinion.

If you are in the United States and want to apply for asylum you must submit your application within one-year from arriving in the United States.




Immigrants may be disqualified to seek entrance to or remain in the U.S. based on various grounds established by the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). These individuals are considered to be removable through deportation. The best way to prevent deportation, in this case, is through a Waiver of Inadmissibility.

If you or a loved one has been found inadmissible, seek legal help as soon as possible. We can begin the process of applying for a waiver and guide you through the process.

We want to help you to remain in the country or be admitted legally. Our goal is to keep families together and help you achieve your dream of living and working in the United States.